Why Working with a Certified Relocation Specialist Will Save You Time & Money

7 Jul 2015

GMS-2Time and money – the two most important things that any company wants to save. Whether it’s shipping numerous packages each day or relocating a single employee once a year, all companies want to hire a professional to get the job done right the first time. When it comes to handling employee relocation, going with a certified relocation specialist offers the best results.

Why Hire a Certified Relocation Professional?

Anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and attest to their expertise seeks education and certification. Employee relocation professionals are no different; they want recognition for their knowledge, expertise and experience in the relocation service industry. The Worldwide Employee Relocation Council, known as Worldwide ERC, awards the Certified Relocation Specialist certification to industry professionals who are dedicated in achieving successful employee transfers and who continue to improve their knowledge and skills through further education.

Sans-Souci: A Certified Relocation Specialist with Worldwide ERC

How Does Sans-Souci Save Companies Time and Money?

It all comes back to being a Certified Relocation Professional, which is San-Souci’s commitment to providing successful relocation to employees and their families. According to Worldwide ERC, only 65 percent of candidates pass the CRP exam. With its CRP certification, Sans-Souci has the necessary experience and can meet your company’s demands.

A company has to spend many hours handling employee relocation. If the employee has a family, additional factors must also be considered during the relocation. Sans-Souci’s corporate relocation services handle everything, which means that your company can spend its time focusing on more important things like productivity and generating revenue. With a certified international relocation specialist working for you, your company doesn’t have to worry about gathering information, retrieving documents or handling paperwork.

Enjoy Successful Employee Transfers with Sans-Souci

Working with Sans-Souci brings relocation expertise to your company. You’ll enjoy greater success knowing that your employees are receiving the help they need during the relocation process. In turn, those employees can continue working during the transition becasuse they aren’t burdened by all the details of the relocation. Your employees will also appreciate the smooth transition and helpful services such as concierge, rental and leasing. Sans-Souci becomes your employees’ liaison, creating a successful transition without any negative impact on their productivity.

As you search for an international relocation specialist, make sure the person you chose is certified and experienced.   The difference is in the details. The details are learned from the certification process as well as real-world experience handling similar moves.

From day one, Sans-Souci communicates with your company’s human resources department, giving you peace of mind throughout the process. With Sans-Souci, you eliminate the risk of an employee not accepting the transfer and being unable to handle the difficulties that go along with relocation. You’ll gain a happy, productive employee from the start thanks to Sans-Souci, an experienced and certified international relocation specialist.

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