The Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring an International Relocation Specialist

9 Jun 2015

Hiring an International Relocation SpecialistMajor companies are a lot like sports franchises: They both want the brightest, most talented individuals on their team. Gaining a competitive edge means finding the best of the best around the world and inviting them to the organization. For many employees, that means relocating to another city in a completely different part of the world. Moving comes with its fair share of headaches, stress and risk.  Reduce the risk by knowing the mistakes people make when hiring an International Relocation Specialist.

  1. Choosing Someone Who Lacks Experience – When hiring an international relocation specialist, it’s important to have someone with experience to handle important matters like obtaining work visas and helping someone adapt to a new culture. If you choose a global relocation specialist who has no experience or a strong background, you’ve already failed at the starting gate.
  1. Not Understanding the Importance of Preparation – Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Make sure to choose a corporate relocation specialist who prepares an employee for the move. The specialist should offer custom relocation packages and provide services such as concierge, administrative assistance and travel management. In addition to these services, be flexible enough to take care of the individual needs of the employee and their family. Since no two families are alike, you need to hire a relocation specialist who can navigate all types of situations.
  1. Forgetting About Future Services – An experienced specialist provides all the services that a company needs now and in the future. Hiring an international relocation specialist isn’t just about moving someone from one place to another; it’s also about ensuring a person’s longevity in that place and being there for the employee and the company for the long term. From orientation day to dealing with later expenses and tax reporting, choose an international relocation specialist who becomes an asset to the company throughout the initial relocation process and beyond.
  1. Selecting Someone Who Just Doesn’t Get It – Not all relocation specialists share a company’s values or appreciate its culture. Oftentimes, the specialist doesn’t take into account the hardships of moving to a new country, learning new laws and adapting to a different way of life. A global relocation specialist should share your company’s values and want your employees to succeed, prosper and be happy in their new environment.
  1. Not Considering the Bigger Picture – A relocation specialist should show a keen ability to select and manage all aspects of the move. Whether it’s real estate, destination services or household goods transportation, you need to pick a specialist who takes the bull by the horns and can handle the task no matter how big or small it may seem. In addition, choose a specialist who can offer objective supplier resources without the worry of being locked into certain supplier relationships because of brand affiliation or ownership restrictions.

Sans Souci has been privileged to work with many companies and individuals to help them relocate globally. We have seen these mistakes over and over again in the industry when companies seek hiring an international relocation specialist. The purpose of this list is to help protect you and your employee during the transition.

We can help tailor relocation packages suitable for your company as well as the employee and their family. Contact Sandy Nallet for a no-obligation consultation today. You will quickly see how we pay attention to detail and strive to create peace of mind.