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relocation-about-us_v3_03Our objective is to provide global relocation and mobility assistance to individuals. Moving to a new community involves time, money and stress. The purpose of a global relocation specialist is to make the transition as smooth as possible.We are not realtors. Our objective is to offer direction and assist you in finding what suits your needs. We want to be your super welcome wagon and to be certain that you find a comfortable place in the community.

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If you have to immediately immerse yourself in your new work environment, you don’t need the added concerns of establishing residence. We can help with the administrative minutia of daily life. We can offer you peace of mind. There is so much to think about and we can offer you the assurance that the small and large requirements that need attention are being taken care of.

We can tailor relocation services packages for individuals, families, or provide a la carte services. We pay attention to detail, we listen to our clients, we are resourceful, and are determined to provide satisfaction.

Sandrine Allenne Nallet

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Sandy Nallet was born in France. Her education was focused on business management and administration, running hotels in England and on the continent. Afterwards, she was involved in an international importing business, taking her to Asia. A marriage brought her to the United States.

She has moved both internationally and within the United States seventeen times. Each experience involved the logistics of packing and unpacking, closing out residences and opening new homes, administrative paperwork, meeting of immigration requirements, establishing new credit histories and bank accounts, cultural adaptation and finding the best schools for her son. Each move was like being reborn.

The idea becoming a global relocation specialist and creating Sans-Souci came from a realization that moving involves a lot of confusion. Having gone through the experience multiple times, Sandy is expert at seeing that the necessities are handled in an expedient manner. The steps that have to be followed are second nature to her. Sans-Souci can help relieve you from the stress and time consuming irritations of relocation.

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