Top 6 Questions to Ask an International Relocation Specialist

6 Aug 2015

International Relocation SpecialistNot all international relocation companies are the same. When searching for an International Relocation Specialist, there are certain key questions to ask. In the long run, you will find that the best international relocation specialists have the answers you need to save you money, time and stress during your international move.

1. How long has the international relocation specialist been in business?
Find out how many years of experience the company has in international relocation. When it comes to moving you and your family across the world, experience does make a difference. Also, ask if they can provide several references from their satisfied clients. Talking to people directly who have gone through an international relocation can give you important insight for your own international transition.

2. Where does the relocation business provide service?
This may seem pretty obvious, but not all international relocation companies offer services to the country where you need to move. Be direct and find out if the company has experience at your new location and if they you can provide you with the necessary assistance to establish your new residence in the community.

3. What programs and services does the relocation company provide?
Every international relocation is unique. It is smart to discover if the relocation specialist offers adaptable programs to meet your specific needs. From moving household goods, vehicles, family members and pets, an excellent International Relocation Specialist knows how to accommodate for each specific situation and make the relocation to a new place as stress-free as possible.

4. Does the international relocation specialist provide the best value for your money?
Everyone wants the best deal available, but can the company also provide service? It’s this lack of one-on-one service that can create problems along the way. Connections with global supplier and their communication will be key for an international move. For a successful international relocation, you should look for a professional relocation specialist that has a proven record with global suppliers and technology tools to make the transition smooth.

5. How does the relocation company prepare clients for an international move?
The big day is coming and it is important for relocation specialist to assist their clients with the move from start to finish. Everything from preparing work visas to helping family members adjust to a new culture should be considered. A quality international relocation specialist understands how to customize the relocation service to include travel arrangements, moving household goods and assisting you with all the necessary paperwork.

6. What happens once the move has been completed?
If you are looking for the best possible relocation experience, then you need an international relocation specialist that goes the extra mile. Instead of hiring just a moving company, why not seek expert assistance that can guide you through every aspect of an international move. For instance, qualified relocation specialists can help you with banking services, tax reporting, setting up a Social Security number, cultural guidance, language assistance and more.

At Sans-Souci, we specialize in creating customized and affordable international relocation packages to the United States. Our clients appreciate the extra assistance we offer to help them make their transition as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation about your specific international relocation questions.