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Corporate Relocation Services Packages

  • Flat rate for individuals moving within the United States to the west of France or the west of France to the United States.
  • For individuals moving from the west of France to the United States or from the United States to the west of France.
  • For French or English speaking families moving both domestically and internationally from the west of France to the United States or from the United States to the west of France

When it comes to your company’s most important assets, we can make sure they have their needs taken care of for a smooth transition while providing an open stream of communication with your company’s HR Team. Eliminate the risk of non-acceptance by a transferring employee due to difficulties that comes with relocation. Obtain a valuable and productive employee from day one, with the individual knowing their family is being assisted throughout the relocation process. Having a liaison will produce a happier and more successful transition while avoiding any negative impact on your employee’s disposition.

servicesServices Include

Due to the wide range of circumstances, services rendered will be based on the needs of each individual or company. Throughout the many stages of relocation you will be given the information and assistance you need for a smooth transition. The following are some of the areas and services that we provide.

  • Orientation Day: Sans Souci relocation services takes into account the neighborhood that best corresponds to the individual’s expectations in terms of lifestyle, distance to workplace, the children’s education and much more.
  • Moving Checklist (In/Out): Sort and purge, order boxes, special boxes, label boxes, protect important records, cancel memberships, use it or lose it frozen foods, garage sale, donations, and take measurements.
  • Administration: Help with administrative formalities such as with Social Security, bank accounts, driver’s license, DMV, school records, insurance, change of address, informing important parties, voter registration, and generally assisting by finding the right solutions to any of the day to day difficulties that may be encountered.
  • Concierge: Local guide, travel tips, shopping and reservation assistance, making appointments, helping to locate that hard to find item or bit of research information, helping to find the perfect venue, caterer, or entertainment, being an extra pair of hands during hectic times.
  • Rental & Leasing: Car, temporary living accommodations, furniture, and appliances.
  • Logistics: Moving company coordination, settling in services, utility connections, attending to repairmen, deliveries or estimates, unpacking or packing, confirm travel arrangements, checking your new home and make sure everything is working and repaired before moving in, etc.
  • Transition: Cultural guidance, spousal support, and language classes.
  • Travel Management: Arrival and departure arrangements, scheduling, and transportation.
  • Relocation Info: Benefits, expenses and tax reporting, creating a moving binder with quotes, receipts, USCIS information for change of address, etc.
  • Welcome Package: Practical documents relative to local shops, transportation, health, leisure, education, and important contacts list, doctors, dentists, and other nearby essentials.


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