Supporting a Spouse During an International Relocation

3 Sep 2015

global relocationA simple move to another city or an entirely new part of the country may prove to be extremely difficult, but those who are facing a international relocation due to a job change face an entirely different set of problematic issues. This can be especially difficult for the relocating spouse, who is often tasked with setting up a functioning household in a new country where even the language may be different. The good news is that you don’t have to face this challenge alone. With the help of a knowledgeable international relocation specialist, you can expect a great deal of help with several aspects of your big move.

A Helping Hand

• Travel Plans: You have to begin just by getting to your new country. We can make your flight plans for the entire family and arrange for transportation from the airport to your new home upon arrival.

• Your New Home: Just choosing the location of your new home in a different country can be exceptionally daunting. We can help you find temporary or more permanent housing in a safe neighborhood that is near the place of your spouse’s employment and other facilities that you may find useful. Arrangements may also be made for utility hook-ups, furnishings, appliances, a rental car and even complete unpacking at your new home.

• The Right Schools: Those relocating with children often face special difficulties. We can make sure you are paired with the best schools that are qualified to address any language barrier to get your children off to a great start in their new country.

• Access to Services: No matter where you live, you must have access to necessary services. We will provide you with a list of nearby shopping centers, doctors, dentists, hospitals, gyms, leisure activities, public parks, restaurants and daycare centers. A qualified international relocation specialist will have all of this and more at their finger tips.

• Cultural Guidance: Did you know, most communities have classes available that will teach you the basics of the primary language that is spoken in your new country. This is also a great way to learn about any cultural differences and customs that may change the way you live your life in your new home.

• Essential Paperwork: With so much to remember, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personal concierge to take care of all the necessary paperwork? We can do that! Let us help you by gathering essential documents for school records for each of your children, driver license renewal, insurance updates, change of address forms, voter registration, Social Security records and whatever else you need for you and your family.

Making Your Transition Easier and More Effective

Sans-Souci will help you with these and many other tasks that may otherwise seem overwhelming. Our founder has gone through the experience of being the trailing spouse during a global relocation, and she fully understands the special needs of the spouse during this time of transition.

We understand the nuances of moving for employees as well as their spouse and family. Sandy Nallet is a certified global mobility specialist and has helped many people with international relocation. She strongly believes in the personal touch to provide exceptional service.

Contact Sandy today for help with your international relocation.