Choosing the Right International Relocation Specialist

20 May 2015

International Relocation SpecialistChoosing the right International Relocation Specialist can save you time, ease your stress and help you transition to a new place.

Moving out of the country is difficult on its own without adding the stresses of looking for a new home, coordinating with a moving company, obtaining work visas and adjusting to a new way of life. In most cases, it’s not just one person making the journey to a new country; it’s also the spouse and children who also must come along.

A strong family dynamic can help ease the burden of relocating, but having to deal with the paperwork and relocating an entire family internationally can back up a human resources department. Working with experienced international relocation specialists can help ease the burden for everyone involved.

Why Work With a Relocation Specialist?

Larger international relocations companies may not have specialists with individual experience. Sandrine, the owner of Sans-Souci, has moved internationally multiple times and within the U.S. more than a dozen times. When you choose to work with Sans-Souci, you get specialized experience from a company who understands the needs of the individual.

A relocated employee not only has to adjust to the move but also feel comfortable in a new city. To ease the stress, a global mobility specialist like Sans-Souci can deal with all the travel documents, coordinate with the movers, create effective travel management and even assist in finding temporary living accommodations. Therefore, when the new job begins, the employee will incur the least amount of downtime.

Sans-Souci can also provide other services such as:

  • Cultural guidance and language assistance
  • Travel scheduling and transportation
  • Concierge and reservation assistance

The right international relocation specialist can help set up policies for the HR department to ease the transition, including setting up Social Security if the employee is moving to the United States. A specialist can also provide help for the employee’s spouse and children while working with the moving company and dealing with work visas.

Sans-Souci: An International Relocation Specialist

Moving internationally not only produces mounds of paperwork for a business but also creates more burden for the employee and their family. Whether it’s helping with administrative formalities such as bank accounts and insurance or providing travel tips and making appointments, Sans-Souci does what whatever it takes to create a smooth move and transition.

Your department has enough to do; let Sans-Souci help with the transition. We not only specialize in employee relocation services but also help families make the transition from abroad to the United States. When it comes to caring for your company’s most valuable assets, Sans-Souci makes sure that their needs are met.

Contact Sandrine for a no-obligation consultation on how she can help you as an international relocation specialist.