Single tips: Sunburn

10 Apr 2015

Single tips:  Sunburn (Grandma remedy)

For those looking to treat a severe sunburn, an old-fashioned remedy may not be the first treatment option that comes to mind. There are several medicated sunburn sprays available over the counter, but many have found that these chemicals can be harsh on tender and damaged skin. Often the best cure for a severe sunburn is an old-fashioned remedy that may do the trick.

  1. Black Tea

Another pantry staple, black tea can aid us in many ways. Perfect for treating puffy eyes and as an alternative to coffee, black tea is rich and full of antioxidants. Pack your pantry with a few bags of black herbal tea and discover the natural benefits.

To treat irritated and damaged skin, soak several black tea bags in cool water and allow the tannin to release. When the water darkens, the tea-infused water and the bags are ready to treat your ailments.

To use, lay the cool, wet teabags on the burned skin for a period of ten to twenty minutes. You may also soak a cloth in the tea infused water and pat onto the sunburned skin.

Black tea will remove the heat, pain and sting from your skin, all while leaving a toasty warm glow, which is much more favorable than the reddened, irritated skin.

  1. Aloe Vera

Old-fashioned sunburn remedies wouldn’t be complete without aloe vera. Many people living in coastal communities grow aloe vera knowing that their natural soothing abilities will come in handy during the heated summer months. Aloe is a succulent plant and is very easy to grow, perfect for a sunny windowsill or Zen garden.

When it comes to treating a sunburn, rip off a chunky stalk from your aloe vera plant, tear open the juicy leaf, and apply the live aloe directly onto the burned skin. If you do not have a live aloe plant at your disposal, aloe vera gel is available on grocery and pharmacy shelves worldwide. Pick up a bottle and leave it in you medicine cabinet year round for treatment of first degree burns and sunburn.670px-Treat-a-Severe-Sunburn-Step-4-Version-2 sunburnedcharlie sunburn-main-image1