Controlling international relocation costs

10 Apr 2015

3/CONTROLLING INTERNATIONAL RELOCATION COSTS (corporate relocation costs/international relocation expenses) Companies planning to provide international relocation assistance for their employees can expect to have the usual concerns from transferees:  selecting a mover, help with selling an existing home, support in the new location, and so on. In addition, there are also visas, international taxes, housing allowances,

Engaging and retaining employees globally

10 Apr 2015

2/THE DIFFICULTY OF ENGAGING AND RETAINING EMPLOYEES GLOBALLY (topic  eMPLOYEE retention) Posted by Shirien Elamawy A recent financial article titled “Global organizations face looming crisis in engagement and retention of employees, according to Deloitte survey” states that 87 percent of business and HR leaders agree a lack of employee engagement is their primary concern. What’s more, while the

Part two: Budgeting for Relocation

10 Apr 2015

B/Tracking and Reducing Relocation Costs:  Using an upfront relocation calculator ensures you’re looking at the total costs associated with the relocation, including sale and purchase of real estate, temporary living, household goods and travel expense. This means your accounting department, as well as HR, won’t face surprises due to policy exceptions or rising costs associated

Budgeting for Relocation

10 Apr 2015

1/Budgeting for Relocation If you’ve ever moved, you know how stressful—and expensive—it can be. If part of your job is helping other people in your company to relocate, then you’re intimately familiar with relocation costs and the myriad of other challenges that go along with relocating. Using an outside firm like Capital Relocation Services can

An Attractive Relocation Package

4 Apr 2015

Creating a strong relocation package for your employees is key to attracting and retaining top talent. So how do you determine if your company’s relocation policies are up to par? Consider the following five features that distinguish the most attractive relocation packages from the weakest. Comprehensive, Not Complex The goal of a quality relocation package