Tuna Cake with fage and sour cream (salad and tomato)

10 Apr 2015

Tuna cake with fage and sour cream (salad and tomato)


2 cans of tuna

3 eggs

1 mug of Whipped cream

80 gr (a little less than 3 oz) of crumb bread Italian style

1 can of tomato paste

Salt and peppers

Crumb  the tuna in a dish, add the eggs, bread crumb and mixed it all together.

Add the heavy whipped cream, can of tomato paste, salt, pepper and mixed all together.

Pour all of it in a cake pan. Heat your oven at 350 for 45mn

You can eat it with a sour cream/Greek yogurt with salt pepper and lemon, balsamic vinegar dressing. Nice  mixed salad on the side with crouton and tomato. Bon appetitpain-thon--4-.