2 Mar 2015

When we moved from Europe to the United States, we weren’t really expatriates. For us it was a definitive change and complete immersion and renewal from the beginning. We gave up everything to start here. You need to think before you do something like that. Sit down and take a piece a paper and list the pros and cons. Figure out what you need to ask your new company about your relocation and don’t let the excitement of a new job narrow your field of view.

Be sure you have the appropriate visa and the immigration papers for your relocation. I have to say plan, plan, plan, and ask questions. Be aware of the timing, visas for your relatives, health coverage, schools, and the logistics of moving. It is worth shipping furnishings? Do you have coverage for the move, meaning insurance in case of loss. Does your new company offer you any job search help for your spouse? And there is so much more.

My advice to anyone considering living overseas is:  #1 – clearly understand your goals and then decide what you are willing to give up to meet those goals; and then #2 – do your homework on the important aspects of daily life like banking, taxes, transportation, schools, etc.